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Group Patterns at a glance


Advanced E-Commerce at a glance

Pattern group g

The patterns in Pattern Group F (Basic E-Commerce) are necessary for all e-commerce sites. The patterns in this group represent the next step in site design, when you want to find new opportunities to feature and sell products, and give customers more reasons to buy from and return to your site.

Highlighting products with lists of best-sellers, new products, or products on sale provides customers with pleasurable and practical ways to shop. Learn how to feature recommended products to increase customer satisfaction and sales.

Web retailers make a lot of money off of purchases that customers did not originally intend to make. Learn how to make more on a sale by enticing people to buy items related to what they?????re already planning to buy.

Finding products that meet specific needs can be easier if your Web site tailors recommendations to individuals on the basis of their past behavior. Learn how to personalize your recommendations to the customer.

Recommendation communities let customers rate and comment on items that they?????ve purchased. Learn how to empower your customers????? buying decisions by providing a recommendation community.

Sometimes customers want to buy many items at once but send them to multiple addresses. Learn how to give customers the ability to specify multiple destinations for the products they?????re buying.

With gift purchases, special care is required regarding price tag removal, giftwrapping, personal notes, and returns. Learn how to manage gift orders so that customers will not be disappointed.

Many customers like to know the status of past and pending orders. Learn how to track orders and make the information available to your customers.