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Site Genre: Pattern Group A

magnify image Figure A4.1 The official site of Sydney, Australia, provides access to government information and services from the convenience of each citizen’s desk, eliminating bureaucracy and frustration.


This pattern describes how to build an environment that makes government services more available and accessible. You can add other site genre patterns, such as PERSONAL E-COMMERCE (A1) and COMMUNITY CONFERENCE (A3).



Making a government agency’s information available on the Web can be helpful, but if the agency is too large and centrally controlled, its Web site can seem unresponsive, bureaucratic, and impersonal to its customers.

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magnify image Figure A4.4 Secure, autonomous applications eliminate the need for people to wait in line, and personalized pages give people direct access to local agents and information.

Provide secure, autonomous self-service applications that report current process status through your site and e-mail after the initial request submission. Give your customers the estimated time to completion, on the basis of the kind of request made. Personalize site information for each citizen by giving direct access to that citizen’s agency representative and providing answers to questions posted by local community members.

Other Patterns to Consider

BLOGS (A12) can be used to quickly set up simple community conferences. Make your FAIR INFORMATION PRACTICES (E3) clear to your customers through an understandable PRIVACY POLICY (E4) available on all pages. Ask all potential participants to create non-anonymous accounts using SIGN-IN/NEW ACCOUNT (H2). Verify the addresses of the individuals by sending an e-mail message to which they must respond, and if security needs dictate (and the privacy policy allows), call them on the phone as well.



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